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Digital & Print Communication Services for Nonprofits

"Joe Saves the Sea Turtle"
You are doing good in the world. You make it happen with little resources. I want to help.

I have spent the past 15 years producing award-winning content for nonprofits and media companies in Los Angeles. My mission now is to put that experience to work, enabling small and medium sized nonprofit organizations to grow their audiences and impress supporters.

Over the years, I have developed a suite of affordable communication services that every organization needs in order to reach people online, build contact lists, and communicate effectively. By using a blend of low-cost and open source tools, nonprofits can enjoy high quality promotional content that fits well within any marketing budget.
"Geoffrey is a top-notch story teller, expertly weaving his journalistic and technical prowess through all Communication mediums. Whether your needs are for print, web, social, audio/video, or all of the above, Geoffrey has the skills, vision, and heart to truly understand and promote your story. He's a strong collaborator, and will partner with you to achieve your goals."
- Noah Kaufman, Director of Advancement, Mirman School
Former Nonprofit Partners
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