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Let's "Show Your Story"
The modern web is a true visual canvas, so creating engaging video and imagery content is mandatory if you hope to grow your online audience. This is why Showing Your Story is so successful. Whether your goal is to sell an app, gain subscribers, increase donations, or build awareness, capturing and sharing your compelling narrative is a critical component. However, it's very helpful to do some groundwork before you start creating the actual content.
Understanding Your Audience
It's important to get this one right. By evaluating your website and social media traffic, it becomes clear who your MVPs are - those who subscribe to your blog and Like all of your Facebook posts. Knowing this helps inform the types of content we should create or whether additional steps are required to reach a different audience. Later promotions can target like-minded groups, increasing the odds of finding interested supporters. 
Protip: Analyze your website traffic using free tools like Google Analytics, which features an option to display key demographic information.

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Website Management
Whether you're starting from scratch or just need regular updates, it's important to monitor/analyze traffic and ensure quality control. I have experience with all major CMS platforms, as well as implementing and reporting on monitoring tools.

Online Ads/PPC
If you're ready to hit the big leagues, paid ad campaigns are a necessity. Yet, spending wisely on Facebook Ads and Google AdWords requires substantial research and planning. Understanding your audience (and having clear goals) will increase your ROI.
Setting Realistic Goals
A marketing plan includes goals that we can work towards achieving. Taking all available resources into account is crucial for success, as you don't want to overextend or throw money down the drain. Your marketing budget will grow with your organization, and small victories lead to larger ones.
Protip: Don't let your marketing budget be "whatever is left over" after other expenses. Plan to invest 10-20% of your budget on print and digital content marketing.

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Content Strategy
Addressing what types of content to create, how to produce the necessary elements, scheduling deliverables and defining the target audience(s).

Digital Outreach and Promotion
Leverage the power of modern web services, such as MailChimp and Eventbrite, to build your contact lists, coordinate events, send email campaigns and distribute press releases.
Thinking Visually
Now that we understand your audience and have set goals to grow that audience, we can create some really compelling content that builds on a theme over time, promotes an exciting event, launches a new program or simply informs. Finally, it's time to Show Your Story!

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SEO Website Copy and Blogging
Get your message across simply and effectively. Reach new supporters by providing sought after information and cross-promote your content with "sister" organizations.

Social Media Content
Helpful videos, animations, infographics and photos will attract and engage your followers no matter what social media platform they are on.

A/V Scripts, Storyboards & Production
Amazing video content starts with impeccable writing and planning. I can help you visualize a concept, write a shooting script and execute on the production.
All services include free consultations. Estimates available upon request.
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